VENTUS (Electronic Music Producer)


VENTUS (Electronic Music Producer)

As part of my work with Infinite Vibrations, I had the pleasure of working with electronic music producer, Ventus.

During this project, I ran a PR campaign for Ventus to aid in the release of his debut EP “The Pollyanna Principle.”

As a result of my PR campaign, I was able to feature Ventus in multiple music publications, creating momentum to push the release of his EP and generate viewership for his music.



Goals and Objectives:

  • Generate brand awareness for VENTUS’ debut EP release.
  • Create a narrative which supported VENTUS’ values resulting a brand partnership with mental health charity Keep Real.
  • Secure press features for VENTUS to increase his pressence in the music industry.

Statistics and Achievements:

  • Ventus was featured in multiple music publications including Whats on: Yorkshire, Stargazer Music Magazine and Bass Music Magazine.
  • The awareness of Ventus’ music brand was dramatically increased, resulting in increased viewership and new fans, as he had not been featured in magazines previously.
  • Ventus was able to gain the interest of several record labels who wanted to release his new music in the future.