Red Rum Club (Liverpool Band)


Red Rum Club (Liverpool Band)

As part of my MA studies, I completed two projects for Red Rum Club. A marketing campaign, with two social media audits, and a pitch deck with an accompanying business plan.

Their goals were to complete their first tour of the United States and to attract new customers within the US market. As well as this, they needed to enhance their value proposition to seek new investment for their future projects.

In preparation for their first US tour, i conducted a social media audit on their brand to create insights that would help guide them on their US tour.

I found that they needed to engage with their customers on a more personal level as they had many fans, but they needed to nurture this fanbase to convert them to super-fans, which are more valuable to music businesses.

Insights such as this were then taken and implemented into their marketing campaign for their US tour, with more personal video vlogs being used to engage more with their audience.

After the tour, I conducted another audit to show where they had grown and which areas of the business still required improvements.

Lastly, I was able to help Red Rum Club seek new investment with a pitch deck and business plan.

This included key information such as sales figures, streaming data and graphs which demonstrated how they’ve growth over the years against the investments they’ve already made, which created a positive coefficient.

This demonstrated that with increased capital, the band could grow at a rapid pace.


Red Rum Club

Goals and Objectives:

  • Increase market share with the US market through brand awareness tour campaigns.
  • Develop relationships with multiple target audiences to leverage growth of the business.
  • Enhance the value proposition of the band to seek new investment.

Statistics and Achievements:

  • Increased market share in US customers through 2x social media audits and a US tour marketing plan.
  • Facilitated the awareness and importance of social media marketing within the band.
  • Helped the band to find new investors, with a portfolio of evidence demonstrating their achievements.

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