Event Management in Cumbria


Event Management In Cumbria

Whilst working as an events manager, I was hired to host events at a hotel in my hometown of Seascale.

With the aim of bringing new life to the area and generating new customers for the venue. Over the duration of a month, I held regular events each weekend with Zoe Glen, Daley Rogers, Onecut Blues Band and Suzanne James.

As a result of this, the hotel was able to take increased revenue behind the bar. As well as this, the brand awareness of the hotel was increased, so much so that other local hotels began to host events of their own.


Multiple Musicians

Goals and Objectives:

  • Facilitate local interest in hotel through the hosting of live events to engage new customers.
  • Generate increased revenue for the hotel after new management acquired the business.
  • Help new management to integrate with the local population.
  • Create new music initiatives to support the music scene in Cumbria.

Statistics and Achievements:

  • Development of the local music scene by providing a plug and play experience for musicians and bands to showcase their talent.
  • Increased the venues social media presence with a marketing campaign alongside the events, resulting in a 250% increase in their post engagements.
  • Increased the venues revenue behind the bar with more customers coming from local villages and towns to visit the hotel and experience the live music.
  • As part of a PR campaign, featured the hotel and venue in 3 local news outlets, The Whitehaven News, Lake District Radio and Cumbria Crack.