Bassment (Music venue and recording studio)


Bassment (Music Venue and Recording Studio)

Bassment were looking for someone to help connect them to the local music scene and increase awareness about their services to in turn increase their sales.

They hired me to create a feature piece on them which included information about their history and what they offer to artists and musicians in the area.

As a result, Bassment were able to gain new clients and gained more interest from the local music scene about their business.



Goals and Objectives:

  • Expand business interests with local music communities.
  • Increase brand awareness and develop a narrative for local publicity.
  • Gain new clientele as a result of publicity and further develop relationships with key stakeholders in the local music scene.

Statistics and Achievements:

  • Increased brand awareness with the local music scene, further strengthening their reach and business interests in West Yorkshire.
  • Development of their client base, with new client enquiries as a direct result of our work together.
  • A deeper understanding of Bassment’s brand story with information about their history to build trust and reliability among the local music scene.