Lectures on individual topics in the music industries.


  • Negotiable (Inclusive of travel expenses)

Whether delivering a lecture on my personal experiences in the music industries, or delivering a lecture on a case study for future investigation, I am able to facilitate a high-quality learning experience for your institution.

Student questions are encouraged as each masterclass will feature a Q&A session.

What You’ll gain:

– 60-90 minute lecture on a specific topic in music business/industry
– Personal experiences as a musician, journalist, manager and educator
– Opportunity to network outside of class and gain further advice

Joshua R F Murphy
Music Business Educator

I am a music business educator who delivers training solutions on employability skills and professional development within the creative arts sector.

I aim for my masterclasses to be as practically accessible to the music industries as possible. As such they are very much influenced by my project work with musicians and music businesses.

If you would like to view my past work please check out my portfolio here.