Music management services for musicians and music businesses.


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After working on many different projects in the creative sector, I have become a one-man-band for music management, having gained experience in a variety of roles. Therefore, on a special 1:1 basis, I take on management work in the music industries for both musicians and music businesses. These services include:

  • Project Management (Business administration, Finance Management)
  • Social Media Marketing (Monthly marketing plans)
  • Data Analysis (Data retrieval and analysis for project insights)
  • Research & Development (Market research and academic research)
  • Copywriting & PR (Writing marketing material for projects)
  • Grant writing & Funding buds (Applying for funding from music organisations)

I am always on the look out for my next project and would love to hear about how I can help you with your music/business, please drop me an email with a brief description of your project and I will be in touch.

Joshua R F Murphy
Music Business Educator

I am a music business educator who delivers training solutions on employability skills and professional development within the creative arts sector.

As well as this, I also take on different management positions in music projects and music businesses. If you would like to view my past work please check out my portfolio here.