Copywriting & PR


A service based product in which I will write copy for your project/business including Press Releases, Social Media Posts, Website copy and any other marketing material you need to communicate effectively with your audience.

Whats Included: (Depends on project)

*Includes ONE or MORE of the below items.

  • 1x PDF Press Release (with additional plugging of press release available also)
  • X Amount of social media posts including Content Guide with Post Type, Captions and Hashtags.
  • 1x PDF of website copy with actionable insights for implementation.
  • 1x PDF copy of any other marketing material needed for your project/business.

*Integration with other services (Project Management, Social Media Marketing, Data Analysis & Interpretation, Research & Development and Grant Writing & Funding Bids) may be discussed.


Negotiable rates based on project scope and workload.


To begin writing copy for your project/business, please email me: with a brief description of your project/business.

cOPYWRITING & pr Example: