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who am i?

Creative Business Practitioner

My name is Josh Murphy. I started my trade as a journalist in 2017, but quickly found a passion for business after co-founding a start-up in the music industry.

Since then I have overseen the management of projects, created and executed marketing campaigns for businesses, conducted commercial and academic research to aid in project development and much more.

It is my passion to learn more about contemporary business through supporting others in an ever-changing business landscape, and to help support businesses and individuals to reach their goals and ambitions.

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Project Management

Do you have an idea you’d like to make a reality? A music project? A commercial business? A non-for-profit? Project Management can help you to reach your goals through the balance of time, budget and resources. I can help guide your projects towards success as your next project manager, with logistics and planning tools personally tailored to you.

Social Media Marketing

Modern day marketing exists on social media. Everyone has an Instagram page or a Tik Tok account, but the key to converting potential fans to paying customers exists in smart marketing and powerful engagement. I can help you create marketing campaigns that deliver real tangible results and provide data-driven insights for future campaigns


You may have heard that the world is powered by data, but what does this actually mean? Your project has several data points (such as social media) which can be extracted to create insights for the next steps of your project. I can help you extrapolate and interpret this data to provide information such as customer buying habits and peak engagement rates, which can help you improve your growth strategy and project efficacy.

Research & Development

Before you start a project, it’s important to understand all you can about your market and your target audience, but how do you collect this information? Through a combination of surveys, interviews, focus groups and more, you can uncover all you need to know about your project and avoid unforeseen mistakes. I can help facilitate the collection of this information so you can be best prepared to manage your next project.

Copywriting & Public Relations

Copywriting consists of everything your fanbase/customers read about you. From your website to your social media posts to your marketing communications, it is important you are using the right language which best identifies with your audience. I can help you create great copy which helps your audience to understand your product/service in the best way possible and make sure they are satisfied with their purchase.

Grant Writing & Funding Bids

Grants and funding bids are awarded to projects/businesses everyday and raising capital for your project/business can mean the difference between success and failure, especially in the early days. However, finding the right investment and aligning with their criteria can feel like a loosing battle. I can help you locate and apply to grants from government, investors, foundations and much more which can help you kickstart your next adventure.